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Laura Freppon

Laura FrepponLaura was enjoying her Mother's Day out when she and her husband were notified that their son, Eli, had fallen from a playground slide and would need immediate medical attention.

"At first we thought it was like any other fall and that once my husband, JP, arrived that our son would be fine. But then JP called me back and told me that I needed to meet him at the medical center and that was when I knew something was wrong," Laura said. "We went from the medical center to Unity Health for an MRI. The MRI revealed a fracture in Eli's skull that would need to be operated on immediately and the ER started prepping Eli for a med-flight to the Children's Hospital in Little Rock. My 2-year-old was just lying in a hospital bed, and there was nothing I could do.

The staff in the Unity Health ER Department provided compassionate care and were very helpful during that critical time for our family. They made phone calls to friends, family and our church and continued checking on us long after the surgery and Eli's return home. When we were waiting for Eli to come out of surgery, I never allowed myself to think everything wasn't going to work out okay. I just knew it had to. He was our baby and he was going to be fine and praise the Lord, he was."