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Our care team

Advanced Care Hospital uses a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients with complex medical conditions. The care team involves physicians, nurses, aides, dietitians, therapists, pharmacists and social workers who work together to create and provide an individualized plan of care for each patient.


The physician serves as the care team leader. As a highly specialized member of the medical staff, the physician is responsible for each patient’s individual plan of care. Physicians also visit patients on a daily basis to monitor their progress.


Our experienced nurses play a hands-on role in caring for patients. They are specialized in different areas of care to meet our patient's unique needs. The care team includes registered nurses, critical care nurses, advanced cardiac life support nurses and PICC line nurses.

Social Workers

Social Workers serve as patient advocates to ensure the entire process—from admission to discharge—goes as smoothly as possible. Also, social workers assist patients in dealing with their insurance companies to certify the hospital stay and verify coverage. Finally, social workers coordinate the Plan of Care for discharge to ensure patients transition smoothly from our hospital to their next residence.


Occupational and physical therapists examine and diagnosis patients to determine the best methods to use to help them reach their highest level of function and ensure they can perform activities of daily living. The therapists work with patients to improve their mobility, strength and endurance. Respiratory therapists assess, treat, evaluate, monitor and manage patients who have breathing disorders/diseases or cardiovascular conditions. Speech therapists work with patients whose speech or swallowing has been affected by their complex medical condition.


Nutrition is a critical component to the body’s healing process. Our dietitians work closely with the care team in planning for the dietary needs of each patient to meet their individual nutritional needs.


Our licensed pharmacists review previous medications and oversee the medication lists of each patient. They administer medicines and ensure patients receive the correct medicines and dosages.


Depending on each patient's plan of care, other medical professionals may join the care team to provide treatment(s) to help the patient reach their goals.