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Patient success stories

Patient stories

Henry Barnard

Judsonia, AR

When I found out I had a blood infection, I wasn't able to get my last Provenge® infusion to treat prostate cancer. I went to Advanced Care Hospital to get long-term treatment of IV antibiotics to clear my blood of infections.

I was so proud to get such wonderful treatment from everyone, and the team of doctors and nurses cleared my blood of all infection. And the kindness, smiles and cheerful people made my long stay very pleasant!

Now, after a two-and-a-half year struggle with terminal cancer, I am now free of cancer and can enjoy a happy life again—cancer free. For people who need long-term treatment, they will get the best care at the Advanced Care Hospital in Searcy! I recommend this for everyone!


Stephen C. Ratcliffe

Cabot, AR

After being in an automobile accident where my car was hit by another vehicle, I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in my leg. The blood clot caused cellulitis in my left leg that went up through left side of my abdomen. I also had a sore that formed on my left shin.

Constant attention, medication and wound care helped me heal during my stay at Advanced Care Hospital. The doctors and nurses maintain a great positive atmosphere in everything they do. The entire staff is friendly and helpful; they are always polite, friendly and highly competent.

Megan Reynolds

Conway, AR

Initially, I was in the Critical Care Unit at Conway Regional Medical Center for 30 days with double pneumonia. After removing the ventilator, they told me I needed to choose a long-term care facility.

I chose Advanced Care Hospital of White County because friends had recommended it, and it was close to home. I had several health issues while I was there, but we were able to work through them.

The doctors and nurses were very knowledgeable and encouraging. The respiratory therapists were reassuring and supportive; they cared for me as if I was a member of their family. I wasn't just a number or a chart. They took our concerns seriously to find out what was wrong. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.

Nelda Brumley

Floral, AR

After being critically injured in a four-wheeler accident, I was taken to the Advanced Care Hospital. Being able to have my husband in the room with me made all the difference. Honestly, his presence might have been what pulled me through.

I was able to return to life at home, like before the accident. Now, I can go and do as I please, and I am able to cook and clean like I always have. The team at Advanced Care truly cares and wants to help you get better.

Michelle Jarrell

Phoenix, AZ

I was in a coma for a week and a half with a severe case of double pneumonia. The team at Advanced Care is awesome! The doctors and nurses are all great. It helps to feel comfortable, and the people giving you care are all so wonderful.