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2022 Community of Caring: Expanding the Mission

2022 Community of Caring (previously A Day of Caring) Is Expanding!

Unity Health is excited to announce Community of Caring, formerly A Day of Caring, is expanding to include Community of Caring Drives and Volunteer Days all across Searcy and throughout the year, beginning in September 2022!

For more than 25 years, A Day of Caring/Community of Caring has served our community as a large one-day event helping to meet the needs of others. Thank you, Searcy, for making these events successful by dedicating your time and resources each year!

Because of the needs of our community, we are expanding our mission. We know from A Day of Caring and Community of Caring events that there are many families and individuals in our community who struggle with food insecurity, homelessness, domestic abuse, addiction recovery and meeting foster care needs. Searcy is blessed with many great non-profits and organizations that work all year to help families and individuals move into better situations, but they can’t do it alone. These organizations need our help.

Will you join Unity Health in the expanded Community of Caring mission to improve the quality of health and wellbeing in our community with compassionate care by partnering to fill the most basic needs of food security, shelter and safety, and addiction recovery so that medical and mental health needs can also be met?

We are asking previous sponsors and donors to join us as Community of Caring Partners in the expanded “We Are a Community of Caring” movement to continue the mission of serving the needs of others by collecting items and volunteering for non-profit organizations starting in September. We encourage businesses to continue Caring Drives throughout the year.

Participating is fun and easy!

  1. Choose a non-profit and select the items to collect in your Community of Caring Drive
  2. Schedule a Caring Drive and/or Volunteer Day in September for a non-profit organization who is serving the needs of people in our community
  3. Contact our office to be included in publicity and receive your Planning Packet which includes: “We are A Community of Caring” yard sign, personalized fliers, media recognition, t-shirt order form and event summary form.
  4. Host your Caring Drive and/or Volunteer Day during the September Kick-Off.
  5. Deliver your collected items to the non-profit. Complete the event summary form online or by email. Send to, so we can acknowledge your group in the media.

Non-profits have very specific needs including:

  • Diapers and wipes for babies and children in shelters and foster care
  • Undergarments and feminine products for women in shelters and safe havens
  • Sleeping bags, pillows, and tents for the homeless
  • Non-perishable foods for local food banks serving the hungry
  • Personal care items, paper products, cleaning products for families struggling to pay their bills
  • Shoes and socks for children and homeless families
  • Monetary Donations
  • Volunteers
  • And more

If your specific circumstances require a monetary donation, you may continue to do so to the A Day of Caring/Community of Caring fund. These funds will be used 100% for the needs of the nonprofits. Please make checks payable to “A Day of Caring” and mail to

Unity Health

Attn: Marketing

1200 S. Main St.

Searcy, AR 72143

Resource Packets

The purpose of this expanded mission is to serve the needs of people in our community. Our local non-profits care for these needs every day. For individuals and families who are not aware of the services available, a packet of information with non-profit resources is being assembled. These resources will be posted on websites, social media and will be distributed in accessible locations for individuals and families needing these services.

For questions or additional information, please contact