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Exercise Physiologist Receives New Certification

Hospital news | Monday, April 8, 2019

Exercise Physiologist, Raelyn Dailey, of the Smart Heart program, recently received the status of Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She completed her certification through the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) in August.

She completed the program online, and this particular certification had a passing rate of only 33% in 2017. This certification allows her to be more involved with cardiac rehab patients, conduct individual assessments and training and manage patient risks, training and rehabilitation. As the Smart Heart program grows, her new status is more beneficial to the unit.

"My favorite part is all the people I get to talk to," Dailey said. "I get to be here with them from start to finish. At first they're nervous and hesitant, and afterwards they leave excited to work out on their own. I've played a role in achieving their goals, and it's really rewarding."

Dailey has been with Unity Health since November 2017, and received her Exercise Science degree from Harding University. She is now working towards the status of Certified Cardiac Rehab Professional (CCRP), which she hopes to complete in November.