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Unity Health Nurses Complete Training

Hospital news | Thursday, June 30, 2016

Unity Health is proud to congratulate its sixth class of nurse residents on their successful completion of the Unity Health RN Residency Program. The six-month program provides recent nursing graduates with additional learning and training opportunities to help transition them from nursing school to their nursing careers.

"RN residency is not just an extension of nursing school," said Rhonda Davis, Nurse Educator at Unity Health. "It is the bridge to clinical independence and confident practice that every new nurse desires. It is great to see our past RN residency graduates working alongside the new RN residents to share the nursing profession and encourage them to step out there and face the daily challenges of being an acute care RN."

Through the RN Residency Program, news nurses learn how to develop a high level of competence, communicate effectively in a team environment, develop clinical-related decision-making skills and how to improve quality patient care.

Additionally, the program includes ongoing classes, hands-on clinical skills and Laerdal SimMan scenario training.

For more information about the Unity Health RN Residency Program, please click here.