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Visitor information

Due to COVID-19 cases in Arkansas

Updated as of March 31, 2020

Hospital visitor & caregiver guidelines

For your protection and the protection of our patients and associates:

Effective Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 patients in the communities we serve, Unity Health is further limiting its visitor access in an effort to continue to protect patients, associates and the community. Temporarily and after careful consideration, visitors are no longer permitted into the hospital. The following details and exceptions are listed below.


  • In-person visits to patients in the hospital are no longer permitted until further notice. There are exceptions for end-of-life situations which are determined by the provider. There are no visitors under the age of 15 or over the age of 65 allowed into the hospital.
  • We encourage patients and their loved-ones to stay connected in other ways. There are many ways to see and hear loved-ones on a regular basis, including phone calls, FaceTime, Skype and other means.

COVID-19 Unit

  • No visitor at any time, no exceptions.

Please note visitor exceptions below

New Life Center and Pediatrics

  • In the New Life Center there is one (1) visitor allowed for the duration of the patient’s stay.

    The visitor cannot switch out with another visitor and no visitors under 15 are allowed.

  • For pediatric patients (under 18), one (1) parent or guardian is permitted to stay.

  • We encourage the patient’s visitor to bring anything needed from outside the hospital with them.

Emergency Department

  • Visitors are not permitted in treatment areas. One (1) visitor is allowed to support minors or patients with impairment or mobility needs.

Unity Health Clinics

  • Visitors are not permitted to stay in the waiting or patient rooms. One (1) visitor is allowed to support minors or patients with impairment or mobility needs.

Advanced Care Hospital (LTACH), Inpatient Rehabilitation & Behavioral Health

  • The visitation policy for patients who are critically ill, near the end of life, in hospice or in our inpatient rehabilitation facility are made on a case by case basis by healthcare providers. At this time, the behavioral health units visitation policy is not affected by these temporary restrictions. Although they are subject to change.

Confirmation of Authorized Caretakers

  • At each visitor access point of the hospital, visitors will be asked to sign-in and designate who they are visiting. They will be required to answer the following questions and have their temperature taken:
  1. Do you have a fever? Greater than 100.0 will not be allowed to visit.
  2. Have you traveled anywhere within the last 14 days?
  3. Have you been in any crowd within the last 14 days?
  4. Do you have respiratory or flu-like symptoms?
  5. Have you had close contact with someone who has tested positive or is suspected to have COVID-19?

If the visitor answers “yes” to any of these questions they will not be allowed access to the facility.

Visitors must be older than 15 years and less than 65 years old and meet the above screening criteria each time they enter the facility. All visitors must follow all required precautions:

    • Follow social distancing guidelines of at least 6-feet distance from each other
    • Practice good hand hygiene
    • Follow directions of the hospital staff


If you have recently developed a cough and/or a fever but are already scheduled for an appointment or procedure, for any reason (clinic or hospital), PLEASE CALL FIRST and be advised on the best method for your treatment. Call 501.268.6121 to be transferred to any location.


Unity Health will resume the below policies as soon as possible.

It's nice to see you

Next to our patients, our patients' friends and family members are the most important people we know. Spending time with someone who cares during a hospital stay stimulates smiles and lifts spirits—on both sides of the hospital bed. That's why we encourage visitors to come see us, sit and stay awhile; it's a healthy experience for everyone.

Visiting hours

We encourage family and friends to be with their loved ones while in the hospital, so open visitation is allowed for maximum patient satisfaction. However, there are occasions where visitors may be asked to step out during physician rounds or nursing assessments when appropriate. Or your stay may be limited to enable the patient to rest.


  • Wash your hands often while visiting our facility. It prevents the spread of germs that can cause infection.
  • If you've got a fever, cold or any symptoms of infection, please stay home.
  • Unity Health facilities are tobacco-free campuses. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the grounds.
  • Some areas of our hospital may have restricted visiting hours based on the needs of our patients.
  • Please check with the patient's nurse with any further questions.