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COVID-19 Response:

What we are all going through together is HARD.
It is unprecedented.
It is real trauma.
You are not alone.

During this ongoing health crisis, rest assured, Unity Health is always going to be here for you. We are here to assist with not only your physical needs, but your mental and emotional needs as well.

Unity Health offers Behavioral Health in Searcy and Newport, covering a full range of services:

  • Inpatient Behavioral Health units for adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients

Unity Health is working diligently to prepare and respond to the needs of those we serve, including you and the ones you love.


Unity Health - Courage located in Searcy is a short-term acute inpatient adolescent behavioral health unit designed for ages 12 - 17 with emotional or behavioral health issues.

Courage is unique in that it is an 11-bed unit. The smaller size of the unit allows staff to provide more individualized care to each of our young patients. While in the unit, patients meet with the psychiatrist and other treatment team members daily. In addition to our psychiatrist and our treatment team includes a medical doctor, nurses, therapists, mental health technicians, social workers, recreational therapists, dietitians, a certified teacher and clinical director. Occupational, speech and physical therapy services are also available when needed.

The educational piece of our program includes academics, nursing, mental health technicians and social workgroups as well as recreational therapy. Our teacher is Special Education Certified and our curriculum is computer-based which allows for individualized grade-level curriculum for each child with modifications/accommodations when needed. Students have no access to the internet. We work with Searcy Public Schools and maintain records for each student while keeping in contact with schools so the student can re-enter without delay once treatment is complete.

Potential patients may present one or more of the following problems:

  • Potentially harmful to self or others
  • Unable to provide for own health or safety
  • Behaviorally or emotionally dysfunctional to the point of needing hospitalization
  • In need of treatment and/or medication management requiring 24-hour skilled care and observation
  • Mental status change or acute onset of inability to tend to activities of daily living
  • In need of diagnostic or treatment services that cannot be obtained in any manner other than an inpatient basis

Patients must have a primary psychiatric diagnosis requiring acute treatment and must be medically stable.

For more information, please call 501.278.3450. Courage is located at the Unity Health - Specialty Care campus in Searcy.

To make a referral to one of our Inpatient Behavioral Health units, please call toll-free 844.255.8229.