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When your heart needs help, you can find it right here at the Unity Health - Cardiology Clinic.

We offer high-quality cardiology services close to home. This means you won't have to wait long to see a heart specialist or receive a test your primary care doctor orders. Discover more about how we care for you.

Expert cardiologists and hometown care

Our highly trained board-certified cardiologists have many years of experience. And they're highly committed to offering you the best heart care.

Together with their highly skilled team, our cardiologists diagnose and treat a vast majority of heart and blood vessel conditions—from coronary artery disease to heart failure, irregular heartbeats and high cholesterol.

Advanced technology and services

Our advanced cardiac technology and facilities bring you state-of-the-art cardiac care. Here are a few of the cardiac services our team provides:

  • Diagnostic tests. These include EKG (electrocardiogram); echocardiograms; nuclear cardiology; treadmill stress tests; and vascular studies, such as aortic ultrasound and carotid duplex scans.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation. Our cardiac rehabilitation program called Smart Heart teaches, supports and encourages patients as they recover form heart episodes. Learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation services.
  • Pacemaker placement. A pacemaker may be needed to correct an abnormal heartbeat or other cardiac conditions.
  • Holter monitor placement. A noninvasive Holter monitor records your heart's electrical activity while you wear it during daily activities.
  • Cholesterol screening blood tests, or a lipid profile, help determine your risk for heart disease.
  • Preventive cardiology. We develop treatment plans if you're at high risk for heart disease—for instance, because of your family history.
  • 64-slice CT imaging system. Our advanced CT scanner provides detailed images of the heart to help diagnose previously undetected heart disease. This test is useful for patients who have risk factors for heart disease.
  • Cardiac catheterization. Many conditions can be managed with diet and exercise changes and medicine. But sometimes a heart procedure is needed. Our Phillips Catheterization Labs are home to the most advanced cardiac catheterization technology. The cath labs are where procedures, such as coronary artery stent placement, are used to diagnose or treat narrowed or blocked blood vessels in the heart.

Our cath lab is located at Unity Health - White County Medical Center. Most other tests and treatments are offered at the Unity Health - Cardiology Clinic.

Make an appointment

Getting connected to the Unity Health - Cardiology Clinic is easy, since you do not need a referral to see one of our knowledgeable specialists. Your very first visit will be with one of our skilled physicians.

Patients are seen in the clinic for a variety of services, including:

  • Initial consultations
  • Follow-up visits
  • Medication therapies

To make an appointment at the Unity Health - Cardiology Clinic, call 501.279.9393.