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Inpatient physical rehabilitation

Unity Health offers the only Acute Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Center in the area. The 37-licensed bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF) located on the Unity Health – Specialty Care Campus at 1200 South Main in Searcy provides the highest degree of intensive physical rehabilitation services available.

As a Medicare-certified unit, patients qualifying for admission must have both acute medical needs and physical and functional deficits that require the routine care of a physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and/or speech therapist, as well as acute nursing services.

During their stay, each patient is provided with a private room. However, social interaction is encouraged. Lunch and Dinner meals are served in a dining area. A recreational day room is available for patients to use during downtime to visit with others, watch television, play games or rest.

All clinical services are directed by our dedicated inpatient rehabilitation physicians daily. The physicians provide a comprehensive initial medical assessment and daily management of the patient’s medical conditions.

The nursing staff provides 24-hour support of the physician’s plan of care, implementing treatment, monitoring the patient’s response, and reporting critical data back to the physician.

The primary reason for admission is for therapy services. Patients receive at least three hours of skilled therapy services five out of every seven days during their stay.

Led by the attending physician, the entire rehabilitation team meets weekly to review each individual patient’s progress, adjusts individual treatment goals, and plans for the patient’s discharge back to their home.

Types of Therapy

Physical Therapy works with patients to increase strength and endurance in their legs. They work with patients on walking, stair climbing and bed mobility.

Occupational Therapy works with patients to increase strength and endurance in the arms and upper body. They work with patients on bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and daily activities that patients expect to do around the home.

Speech Therapy works with patients who have difficulty with speech, swallowing, memory, and cognitive issues.