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At Unity Health, our pediatricians care for children from birth all the way through early adulthood. And they know how to meet the needs of parents and guardians who may have questions and concerns about their child's health.

What we offer

Our pediatric services cover a wide range of care for children of all ages, including:

  • Well-child visits. Our regular checkups can help kids grow up healthy.
  • Same-day care. We see everything from coughs and sore throats to minor injuries the same day you call us for help.
  • Immunizations. We help you keep up with your child's immunization schedule. From whooping cough to COVID or measles, immunizations help protect kids from serious and contagious diseases.
  • Developmental screenings. We track your child's growth and development to ensure they're healthy.
  • Rapid strep throat and flu diagnostic tests. When parents need answers, we can help with quick results.

We keep kids healthy

Most kids are typically healthy during their growing years. But as every parent knows, illnesses and accidents can arise suddenly. Our pediatricians can diagnose and treat all types of pediatric conditions, including common and less-common childhood disorders. Some of these include:

  • Chronic illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes
  • Acute illnesses, such as ear infections and strep throat
  • Allergies, such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

Why choose our Unity Health pediatricians

The Unity Health pediatric team has many years of valuable experience. Having received special training to care for children, our pediatricians make every effort to put their little patients at ease. Plus, their offices are designed with children in mind, featuring bright colors and fun, kid-friendly characters that help make doctor visits a little easier.

But we also know how to help moms and dads. Our pediatric team will listen to you, the parent, because you are a vital member of your child's healthcare team.